Kobe Bryant's Trainer Shows You How To Rev Up Your Mind

Tim Grover finds all-time winners in business and sports look at life and careers in a certain way. And he says anyone can think like a winner.


Train “your mind to be stronger than your feelings,” to build a winning mindset, said Grover, renowned trainer of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade during their NBA careers. “You can’t stay in control if you allow your feelings and emotions to dominate your actions.”

Grover, also author of “Winning: The Unforgiving Race To Greatness,” says you don’t need to be a basketball champ to win in your field. But you can train your mind so you reach your goals.

Tim Grover: Control What You Can

Manage your focus by training it on what you want to accomplish, Grover says. Don’t let the clock rule you.

“Time is external; it dictates what you can and can’t get done,” he said. “Focus comes from inside you, where no one else can control it.”

Choose Your Priorities

Kobe Bryant set out to become an all-time basketball great. Baseball’s Ted Williams said he wanted to be the greatest hitter who ever lived.

Brad Stone, author of “Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire,” says Amazon.com (AMZN) founder Bezos has always been “singularly focused on sweetening the deal for customers.”

When faced with a choice between losing money and hurting business metrics or serving customers, Bezos chooses the latter, Stone says. This began from storied “Day 1” of Amazon.com’s existence.

Believe In Demanding Daily Self-Improvement Like Tim Grover

Stop looking for motivation, Grover said, “and start creating elevation.”

Basic motivation to just get a job done is entry level. “It says you’re not ready,” he said. Think more about elevation. “Elevation is about getting better every day, in every way.”

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant strove for relentless improvement of their basketball skills throughout their careers.

Do What’s Required To Create A Winning Mindset

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself and prioritize what you want and need, Grover says. “Winning is about controlling as many situations as possible,” he said.

Winners give themselves the time, space and focus to win. They cut out distractions.

“That’s how you fuel yourself, and everyone around you,” he said. “Selfish winners give themselves confidence, courage, clarity.”

Vow To Have No Regrets Like Jeff Bezos

Bezos knew he’d never regret failing with Amazon.com. But he would regret not trying.

He left a career as a hedge fund manager to start Amazon.com. He initially financed the company himself and with a $245,000 loan from his parents. Bezos cautioned his parents they might never see that money again.

Bezos strove for a lifelong goal for when he hit 80 years old. The ability to look back at his life and be at peace with his choices, Stone says.

Don’t Fear Failure, Like Jeff Bezos

Bezos explained his mentality on failure in 2019: “Every interesting thing I’ve ever done … has been through a cascade of experiments and mistakes and failures.” “Bezos has a kind of fearlessness,” Stone said.

“Failure comes part and parcel with invention,” Bezos has written. “It’s not optional.”

Practice Tim Grover Resiliency

Setbacks pop up on the road to greatness, Grover says. That goes even for superstars. There are no guarantees. You may lose to someone who didn’t work as hard as you. And it’s possible all your effort on a goal will be for nothing.

Life will knock you down. And when it does, stay down for a moment, Grover said. “There is no literal time frame for this. It’s an internal assessment of what went wrong, and what an individual needs to do to not repeat the same failure. You need to make a quick assessment, adapt, and get going again.”

Out of the ashes of Amazon.com’s failed Fire Phone, Bezos rebounded. He became determined to position Amazon as an artificial intelligence leader. Bezos conceived of Alexa and oversaw its development.

Discipline Your Mind And Thinking

Learn how to think, Grover says. “Don’t settle for being told what to think,” he said.

“Every day, your mental battlefield is attacked by blasts of adrenaline, anger, stress, fear, anxiety,” Grover said. “Winners can detect those bombs and defuse them before they can do any damage.”


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