Live Dealer vs Online Table: Prizes Wherever You Are

Digital casinos brought you new options in terms of convenience and authenticity. Massive payouts can now be won in the comfort of your own home through live dealer or online table games. But make no mistake, these two are very different and each of them have qualities that you will surely love. 

Live Dealer vs Online Table: Behind the Screen

Online table games took players by storm with its quick gameplay and easy wins. You can play various land-based casino staples from Blackjack to Poker without effort. Online table games do this by using a tech known as a Random Number Generator or RNG.

Casino games have two foundations: numbers and chance. RNG makes these all digital by running fool-proof random algorithms that ensure fair results for both you and the casino. If you’re still doubting the power of RNG’s, then you can take the word of casino regulators that give certificates to online casinos to ensure that their RNG is not and will never be hacked.

Live Dealer vs Online Table: Authentic Casino Magic

Patrons will always look for the authentic experience in casino games. This led to the creation of live dealer games. Unlike online tables, live dealer games use real cards, wheels, dice and of course charming dealers that are being streamed in online casinos. The selection of games doesn’t disappoint either. You can play classics such as Blackjack and Baccarat or try newer games such as Andar Bahar or Live Football.

Live dealer rooms aren’t tacky either. Similar to land-based casinos, live rooms also have posh themes. You can find rooms with Asian, Italian and Vegas themes. There are also games that have more specific motifs such as the gameshow-inspired Live Dream Catcher or the football-themed Live Football Studio.

Aside from the wide selection of games, the best thing about live dealer games is the chatting system. This feature allows you to crack funny jokes and have banter with dealers to make sure that there is no dull moment in between rounds.

Live Dealer vs Online Table: Best of Both Worlds

Live dealer and online table games have their own boons. Live dealer games let you feel the magic of having a real-life casino in front of your screen and Online table games let you win quick and fair payouts with no sweat.

Experience the best of both worlds in Feel the joy of trying a new gaming platform by switching it up whether you’re a frank player who likes online tables or a wistful live dealer patron.

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