IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, May 26, 2021

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Ticker of the day RLUV Indeed
Is Radar Love an indirect reference to Tesla? Haha, Ed added it to the IBD Live playlist so I’m gonna say no 😛
poll question, Teams gut feeling answers on how long this churning market will continue and then what? Thanks, Neil!
Ed, you are too funny…Radar Love Always with the wit.
Why does BRK A have 80 composit rating and and BRK B have a 75 composite ratings? thought they ld be the same. They have different accumulation/distribution ratings, for one — and that is factored into the composite rating!
good morning GM Rodney! Thank you for joining us
nice choice Cool
Love your song picks, Ed! Thanks Suzy.
Good Morning to all. GM Ed!
“Good Morning Everyone!
Welcome back Irusha!” The crowd goes wild!
Irusha!!! Time to make some money today! Sounds good!
Good morning Irusha!!! Glad he’s back!!!
Good morning? Stall day yesterday? Is that more/less informative than straight up distribution day Didn’t quite meet the stalling definition. I would also say that I find when the range is small, like yesterday was, it has less negative impact.
to Dave & team – ASO (Academy Sports) gapping up this morning, up 7% to just under $36 Answered live
Today when you review retailers, can you review BGFV and for Steel stocks NUE and when you look at oil can you also look a DEN, I think they are all leaders in their sector and I’d like your take on them as they aren’t covered often (NUE execpted) Thanks Thanks much
What about CVLT? I highlighted this on Monday and the volume has really picked up this week.
Where is Eve Boboch? no special guest besides Irusha? Eve will be our special guest on tomorrow’s show! 🙂
TX hit my stop yesterday We like waiting for a decisive close (2% or more) below the 10-week line by the end of the week for our final sell signal with a trade like TX
ZS Blowout Earnings!!! A good reaction so far!!
HAHA, i’m so dumb, I actually checked out ticker RLUV on MS Ha! Mark always likes to create a ticker based on the daily song
Good Morning from Hollywood fl GM Gabriel
Good morning from Chicago and happy Wednesday. Hi Peter!
Chris – TX – I bought it on the 50 day bounce last week when we discussed on IBD. Yesterday’s fall of 5% (though lower volume) seems concerning. Any thoughts? We shall discuss! 🙂
Ticker, Chris? TX
chris, what is tricker symbol TX
ticker Chris wants to look at Ternium – TX
GM from Cape Cod Hey Phil
GM All! Can we get a look at CPRI live answered
GM: NVST buy? Hi RC, GM; what a nice uptrend by Envista. There have been many pullbacks to the 10-week MA since multiple breakouts past handle entries within its first-stage bottoming base. At this point I’d be more cautious about adding a small amount to an existing core position. Also, I’d be watching for a new base to develop, such as a flat base.
Would be interested to hear how the team constructs and maintains watchlists, how many lists and what categories. Hey Glenn! We have several videos on investors.com/LiveFAQ from prior episodes where the team discussed parameters used for watchlists and their weekend screening routine(s) 🙂
Good morning 🙂 GM Nikolaj, hope you’re enjoying the show!
SNAP RBLX UPST are my stocks I like your holdings Phil; I also own all three. Hatman
Morning All … .Anyone know who is supplying tesla with the cameras? Good Q, Lee; need to find out. I wonder if they have developed their existing cameras inhouse?
What does Chris consider a “small” position in Ternium (TX)? 1%? 2 1/2%? 5%? You guys talk a lot about owning small positions in this current market. Just seeking some clarity. Thanks. live answered
ZS going to gap up this morning, it will be interesting to see if the gap holds live answered
David: Phil is still the man and $2.16 million richer OMG, yes! Ed, I was lucky to be at the Northern Trust Open in 2012 and hang out in the media tent, asking Qs, when he almost won that event in Riviera. He and Keegan lost to Bill Haas in a playoff. Love Phil Mickelson.
As I did my daily screening last evening, I see VALE remains on the breaking out today screen. What attributes are driving this? I think that’s a bug.
ZS live answered
ADBE looks similar to NVDA, but RS Rating is smaller. Is ADBE still a Leader stock? nearly the buy point? Great Q, Phuong; as you may know, ADBE remains a Long-Term Leader and a small position in Leaderboard. We think the stock’s basing action looks normal.
LOGI at pivot live answered
LOGI cup with handle entering a buy zone live answered
No charts shown Are you seeing it now?
Good morning, thoughts on ZS move today. Thanks live answered
Just curious. Why not set a new channel for Nasdaq that reflects its current condition so that we can evaluate for a new breakout? We need to get the Nasdaq trending again. Recent action is too short and the index fell out of its previous long-term trend.
ASO spiked way up this morning. I couldn’t find any news. Presumably moving on DKS earnings.
PYPL clearing a nice down sloping trendline. Early entry? live answered
CRWD breaking DT line live answered
Anyone having marketsmith issues? won’t display 5 min or other smaller chart increments We are actively investigating this issue — thanks for your patience!
CRWD — Broke a downward sloping line . . . (following ZS) . . . EPS in 8 days. Yep. Both ZS and CRWD are also very close to late April short-term highs.
UPST bounce time Oh yes
LOGI- how do you weigh in the E acc/dis rating? live answered
TTD about to fill the gap!!!! That’s nice; let’s keep watching how it rebounds back above its 50- and 200-day MAs.
CRWD moving strong this AM live answered
CRWD gsaoline pump action on vol live answered
Why aren’t you guys pointing how the risk of 3rd stage bases for the ones you’re talking about lately? Such a great point. Diana, my thinking is to be bullish only w/ true CAN SLIM quality names when the 3rd stage bases form. I’ve also seen many mediocre quality growth stocks utterly fail on the 2nd stage base breakout attempt! Cheers, Hatman Dave — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/do-you-know-how-to-count-bases-in-leading-stocks-do-it-to-assess-risk/ and https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/this-medical-hot-rod-peaked-in-2008-after-5-bases-can-it-lead-stocks-again/
ASO seems to be having a good day Definitely!
LOGI – 3rd stage base live answered
Upst rblx path live answered
Does it concern you that LOGI is a third stage base? live answered
LOGI – handle 16% a flaw along w big down ol in handle live answered
Where is special guest Eve Boboch? She is the special guest on Thursday’s show
Logitech is trading in Frankfurt and Stuttgart Ah, good to know, Danke Robert!
Ali, are you on this morning? I was looking at HTH this morning, and it dawned on me that the Hilltop in Hilltop Holdings is *that* Hilltop, viz., SMU. The football stadium is named after HTH’s chairman. You probably know all this already, but it was an a-ha moment for me. Go Mustangs! Hey Tom! I didn’t know this! Super interesting. Pony Up! 🙂
Whu does BrkA and BrkB have different scores on the elements of their and resulting different overall ratings?composite ratings Accumulation/Distribution rating tracks buying vs. selling. Since they are separate classes of shares, the buying and selling of those shares can be different — check out the volume bars at the bottom of each chart
is there something wrong with MarketSmith? Its showing the wrong percentage gains/losses Can you give an example? It’s looking correct to me
UPST double bottom with handle? The middle of the “W” was below the midpoint of the consolidation, so it doesn’t qualify as a proper double bottom. But that could have served as an early entry. More importantly, it does look like UPST is forming a handle. Really needed a pause after running up so much in recent days.
MarketSmith is showing RH up 6.45% but its only up 1.07% Seeing this example 🙂 I’m seeing it up 1.06% in MS
Is it a buy here for XHB? live answered
MarrketSmith not Displaying Lower Minute based time Frames. Anyone else? We’re investigating. Thank you for your patience!
Msmith not showing current data We’re investigating. Thank you for your patience!
i told u guys yesterday on zs when it was 186 to buy….contra is in Hey John, ZScaler has a great fundamental story – I actually interviewed the CEO a couple of months ago! We don’t like buying stocks outright just ahead of their quarterly earnings reports. Very encouraging to see a software stock move so much to the upside in reaction to earnings. Is now the time for the software sector to reassert its leadership?? We shall see 🙂
How often is short interest updated on Marketsmith? FINRA requires short interest reports twice a month.
thank you Irusha for saying that, I have been also buying ETFs especially for the dividend play for income… live answered
Any thoughts on whether or not to lighten up a little on NVDA ahead of the earnings this evening? If you have a big profit cushion you could hold for a longer-term profit; otherwise, sell a few shares for comfort reasons and that’s also a good plan.
Watch David’s screen then check the stock. i see it happening on multiple stocks He’s on a weekly chart, and it’s up 5.65% for the week!
rblx and ccs nice leaderboard daily double live answered
if Upstart trades sideway for the next 2 days, does the handle it is forming too big for IPO? live answered
Good morning! As the growth stocks begin to come back in favor, some of their RS lines would probably be lagging considering many were lagging the S&P. Just like fundamentals were lagging in many of the cyclical stocks, but their RS lines were approaching new highs, many of the growth stocks’ fundamentals have still been stellar. Very good point! And I guess you’re psychic because it sounds like the team is discussing this now!
“Do your 5 min ,10,30,60 intraday charts on MarketSmith work for you guys?
Mine do not. Please advise” We’re investigating. Thank you for your patience!
Why does intraday timeframe not work today? It says “Selected periodicity not available” We’re investigating. Thank you for your patience!
Not seeing all data? Re open MarketSmith. We’re investigating. Thank you for your patience!
Isn’t FTNT the leader in the group – why is CRWD more appealing at this juncture? FTNT is clearly the leader in cybersecurity right now. But the stock is extended – no real entry now.
1-Minute feature not working on MarketSmith. Says: “Selected periodicity not available” We’re investigating. Thank you for your patience!
Are you showing charts on phone just see staff? Strange, I am seeing the charts on my version of the show! Maybe try leaving and rejoining?
Thank you so much for that great feedback on downward sloping trendline buys, dudes! great points. Appreciate, ya. live answered
Should look at PANW alng with CRWD live answered
Thank you I have made 2500 in 24 hours on zs on call options risking 1500…i will wait on pull back and then do it again…thank you guys! Nice!
Psychic? Not quite, but working on it! lol 🙂
Thanks Ed — would you consider adding a few shares to an existing position in FTNT at this level? I wouldn’t. Maybe when it rebounded from the 10-week line last week.
Is MOS recent price action considered normal? Still seems normal – but it’s been trending down. A lot of farm-related stocks are falling in the past couple of weeks as crop prices cool off.
Anyone else having issues on daily charts where left side screen alerts and notes will not close? Hey Paul! I am not having this issue — try clearing your browser cache and closing/restarting your browser?
seems FTNT is leading the cybersecurity group live answered
Hello Alissa…closed browser 3 times no and cleared data…will try again..using Mozilla.. Hey Paul, so sorry to hear about this issue. For more detailed help with troubleshooting, you can email [email protected]
Can you comment on XPEL it’s been up almost every day in May and seems to be really breaking out today Hey David! The stock was already extended before today, so today’s strong action is not considered “breaking out” — that would be when it’s clearing a prior resistance level from a consolidation in price. However, a proper entry to pick up some XPEL was when it rebounded off the 50-day after earnings
The negative ding on the sector rating is why Webby always said to rank your stocks. If all of the other technicals are good, that one negative technical point might still keep that stock as b+ or even an a- Good point, Debbie!
What are your thoughts about HACK or CIBR as security ETF’s The ETFs are bit tricky for this group. There are a lot of stocks in there that are outside of the group. CSCO is the largest position in both ETFs.
Why is yesterday’s date (5-25-21) displayed on Marketsmith? Hi Michael! I am seeing 5/26 displayed on mine. Maybe try clearing your cache and restarting your browser?
Hat Man with the Diamond Hands on FTNT for LTL. Been a nice Hold. live answered (From Dave: Ha ha! Credit deserved to both Chris and Justin)
F has really turned around live answered
LI is working really well. Great volume. Nice pop, but a long way from old highs.
Charts ok. on phone just switched back Thanks OK great!
STLA has a similar look to DDAIF live answered
Thoughts on DXC? Earnings after close is it time to lock in profits? live answered
Are there any online tools that discuss the top bar on MS weekly view. (Market Cap, Shares in Float, Outstanding) as well as the Short Interest. Any material on those would be appreciated! A good place to start is to click on the Chart Legend in the lower left corner.
STLA – also makes large number of RV platform chassis, (RAM Pro Master) live answered
How to reconcile CAN SLIM “the market is always right” with a personal conviction like “cyclicals will have to go up in reopening”? Does is just come down to “even if your conviction is right, you have to respect the timing signals given by the market”? Do you give them more room when you have that conviction or follow the rules? I don’t see a need for reconciliation. As we were just saying, the RS lines told us which of these cyclicals would lead. Bill always said cyclicals and turnarounds account for a quarter of the big leaders. They are hard to find using fundamental screens. But RS line takes care of that.
PDD great numbers and selling off hard. PDD missed on adjusted loss (by some measures, not others). But, ultimately it’s the reaction to earnings/news that matters, not the news itself.
How did you guys miss today’s breakout of DKS? Not a single word… Covered at the beginning of the show by Ken.
WEBBY!!!!! 🙂 He has an open invitation. If there’s ever a change in the rules of his employment, we’ll grab him.
have David Ryan on every week. Thanks Looking forward to having him on again. Should be soon but not sure if schedule is finalized.
Thanks Alissa, BTW 3 great choices for today’s poll. Glad to hear it, Glenn! Of course the electrician arrived right when I needed to launch the poll!
How about Mike Webster as a “guest”? How’s he doing? We’ve asked him to come on! He can’t right now because his current role prevents him from discussing stocks
I’m confused with MGA’s Quarterly EPS change chart. Dec-20 reads an EPS(C$) of 2.83 with a +101% change. But yet, Mar-21 reads an EPS(C$) of 1.86 with a %Chg of +116%. Shouldn’t the %Chg for Mar-21 be lower? The growth numbers for each quarter compare to the same quarter the prior year (comparing same season). So Mar-21 is comparing to Mar-20 quarter. (And this is March-ended quarter of 2021 vs March-ended quarter of 2020.)
I miss the Power Trend…. 🙁 Don’t we all!
Thanks Chris. It’s just that I am holding MOS, TX, MTDR, and WFC with gains between 5-10% (when some had been 15%) and trying to determine if the market is telling me something. It can never hurt to take partial profits on the way up. Does seem like some of these cyclicals are losing steam. So when these stocks are making new highs take off a third and rebuy at the 50-day/10-week.
Maybe he could just come on and tell us one of his stories! 🙂 That’d be fun!
How do you find the advance decline line Ken is mentioning please? David showed it on the screen! General market indicators page
I was a little late this morning, must have missed that. Any explanation on why it wasn’t on Leaderboard or IBD Top 10? DKS is on Leaderboard. Got it as an earnings option play before last earnings report.
Mary C. Daly – FOMC San Francisco Pres gave an interview on CNBC yesterday afternoon and way extremely optimistic on the transitory inflation. She in particular mentioned that it wasnt about the whens but rather the where’s. She mentioned the signals of the areas feeling the pinch were because of shortages i.e, auto chips etc and that once resolved the markets will continue to look favorable. Good points. Once the supply chains get back to normal the inflation fears will probably recede.
when it says it is recording us; it is not recording our faces correct? thanks! That’s correct. I don’t know why Zoom is giving everyone that message. The only ones being recorded are the panelists.
RVLV – coming back on some decent volume – hmmm What a comeback (so far, at least!)
Irusha: Your old favorite PTON is crossing back up over a longer term downtrend line! Still like it? I think he’d say it still has a lot of work to do 🙂
Any news on PDD? Earnings. Beat on revenue. Adjusted loss missed some views, beat others. Obviously investors didn’t like something!
Tell him “hey” from friends. You should connect with him on Twitter! He’s still very active on there (just not about stocks)
What about MT as a steel play? Looking very tight after dropping on 5/19. If it breaks above that area it would be actionable as a swing trade that could turn into a position trade.
Every time a moderator goes to “Lightning Mode” I cringe and want to turn off IBD Live. Please stop forcing the process into a speed that takes away from the power of IBD Live. Please let the conversation go into interesting places, where the knowledge of your panelists can shine. The good news is the pace doesn’t really pick up…
TX has been falling on low volume though Yes. That’ why I giving it some room.
ASO strong 0MUTI sponsorship live answered
Opps i meant BGFV is a peer of ASO and DKS live answered
OVV is moving over a cheat area Getting close.
All the outdoor / recreation stocks are moving incl AOUT VSTO ELY too!
Dave, I live around the corner from that Big 5 in Culver City. Agree they are friendly, I’ve bought a few things in there over the years. 🙂 Me too – same location. (From Dave: Neat! Well, see you there sometime, I’m the guy w/ the hat…)
RBLX making new highs Super impressive move
VSTO — Breaking out through buy zone +4.41% Volume +27% — RS Line hitting new high. Definitely seems like a group move! I know Chris was saying he was hoping for more of a shakeout/handle for VSTO
Dave, Ed, Nice to know there are some of you up with the birds to sync up with east coast time 🙂 When I go back east to visit family I am up with the sun and expect the market to be open, it feels weird to wait hours! Yeah, 9:30 is way too late for me.
ALI — Thank you for your feedback – I hope you and family are doing great! Too kind, same to you Peter!
Good one Ali 🙂
And a mighty big mobile home kitchen! 😀 I thought the same thing!
need a good laugh once and awhile Glad to hear it, Phil
trailer park homes There ya go
In re SKY, modular homes are *very* different than mobile homes…. live answered
Don’t call them a mobile home when talking to the owners!! 😉 I am very familiar with having to live in a 600 sq ft place when I was in LA!
A park model is a permanent “trailer” in a campground. They can be purchased or rented, By parents lived in a campground for several years and I still have several relatives who do. And they live in park models Thanks for this info, Diana and others!
Manufactured homes are actually often built to higher standards than new homes. It looked pretty fancy in there to me
any comments on the recent move in sq? live answered
these models allows you to turn a RV park into a mobile Home park since you can’t get zoning for Mobile Parks anymore PARK MODEL allow RV parks to be turned into Mobile Home Parks without rezoning Ah, zoning! Makes sense
Can we look at ELY? Looking great. A rare breakout that is succeeding.
TSLA moving today. It’s moving, but lagging other EV makers generally. Feels like it’s being pulled up rather than leading the charge.
GRWG breakout. Are pot stocks back? Moving above 21-day line, but wouldn’t call this a breakout. Below falling 50-day line and looks like it needs some time off. Could this be the bottom? Sure. But it could easily roll over and hit new lows – esp. if the market fades again in the coming days.
How long before NVDA has a new base? Maybe after Thursday, definitely by end of week – if it’s still in that consolidation.
ETHE…Ethereum Way too wild for us at this time— would be great to see it in a sustained uptrend and then gently pull back from there
F is near 14, i am engineer at Ford. Excited to see stock doing well Nice!
Is there a problem with MarketSmith it keeps showing GRWG at 127 Strange, I’m seeing it at 42!
How does Chris calculate the number of shares short? We did an explainer video on this that’s linked on the FAQ page at investors.com/LiveFAQ — here’s the direct link to the video for your convenience: https://www.investors.com/videos/calculating-short-interest-in-marketsmith/
what do you think about DBX? Looking at the RS line, still a laggard at this time
How do you get the short information on MS? Mine’s not showing up. Email [email protected] for help from a coach!
On my MarketSmith it keeps going from 42 _ to 127 try clearing cache?
David very masterful multi tasker and lead today!!!Cheers to all… great details today! Appreciate it very much!
Thanks so much! Have great day, ya’ll You do the same
Nice job everyone. Looking forward to having Eve on. So are we!
Well done, Hatman Cheers!