Jillian Michaels Says She’s Sorry Lizzo Got Caught In The Crossfire But Obesity Should NOT Be Celebrated


Source: imageSpace / SplashNews / Xavier Collin / Image Press Agency / Splash News

Celebrity trainer and fitness expert Jillian Michaels was a guest on Thursday’s episode of “The Carlos Watson Show” and she defended her position after being dragged after previous interviews where she stated obesity shouldn’t be celebrated when asked about Lizzo being revered for her body positivity.

At least this time around she tried to distance the question from Lizzo saying, “The first time I was asked, I should have said let’s separate an individual from a conversation about health. That is genuinely where I went wrong. That is literally the only place that I will tell you that I went wrong if the conversation is about celebrating obesity. We should celebrate individuals. We shouldn’t celebrate somebody if they are big and we shouldn’t celebrate somebody if they are small, we should be celebrating somebody because of the quality of their character. Obesity is just unhealthy. That’s it. And it has no merit on the quality of the human. They’re not connected. They are totally separate issues. So the fact that somehow these things have become interwoven in some bizarre, politically correct alternate universe is an absolute shame because we’re not doing anyone any favors. When you are an expert in a category you have a responsibility to tell the truth.”

Watch her respond to Carlos’ question about the controversy below:

Did you know that obesity is a top contributor to mortality rates over anything in the entire world?

Do you respect Jillian for holding steadfast to her position or do you think she should tap out on this topic?