Henry Cavill’s Instagram Activity Is the Subject of Some Fan Rumors Right Now

There are some rumors swirling around on social media about Henry Cavill and it all has to do with his Instagram activity.

Some fans are spreading the rumors without verifying if they’re valid and now some people think that Henry‘s relationship with Warner Bros. and DC Comics is ruined.

Click inside to find out what is being said…

It is being said that Henry unfollowed the WB and DC accounts on Instagram, which is leading people to believe there’s no hope for him to ever return as Superman.

Well, many fans have pointed out that he never actually followed those accounts, so there is no way that he hit the unfollow button. You can read what some fans are tweeting below.

Make sure to check out the post that Henry‘s new girlfriend put up on social media for his birthday earlier this week.

Apparently Henry Cavill unfollowed WB on IG. I’m not 100% sure if he was following them on there to begin with but if so then all you can do is just laugh at this point lol.

— PiScEs27 AKA: Gandalf’s Apprentice (@Josh2Gud4U) May 7, 2021

supposedly Henry unfollowed the WB accounts 😬 I say supposedly bc there’s speculation as to whether he was actually following them in the first place but we’re pretty sure he was

so yeah 🙁

— lucy 🦇 (@brvcebats) May 7, 2021

People are freaking out bc Henry Cavill unfollowed DC and WB?! Please, compose yourselves and stop doing this overreactive BS

— R2 is watching something (@R2IsGood) May 7, 2021

Some people are saying Henry unfollowed, some are saying he never did and some are even saying WB unfollowed him yesterday. I’m still hopeful and I don’t know whats true anymore which is why i said ‘apparently’.

Putting this out there since this tweet kinda blew up.

— el🦇 (@brxcewaynes) May 7, 2021

Who ever went & searched who henry follows and because WB & DC didnt show up started this “he unfollowed” narrative your a 🤡 lol.

— Talon (@talonwhoo) May 7, 2021

A guy on Twitter went with the story and also tweeted that Henry unfollowed WB and DC and when I pointed out that he never followed them in the first place I got blocked 😂

— Schirin (@FrizzyShrizzy) May 7, 2021

even though henry hasn’t unfollowed dc or wbs let’s not pretend that they have a plan to do a superman movie with him

— 𝖉𝖔𝖔𝖒 (@ratcatches) May 8, 2021

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