Hello, Your Sex Horoscope for the Long Weekend Is Here

What’s happening: One of the best ~love~ transits is happening Saturday night. It’s called Mercury conjunct Venus, and the planet of communication is teaming up with the planet of love to make an amazing, romantic, sexy vibe! But here’s the catch—Mercury Retrograde also starts on Saturday, so keep your eyes peeled for your ex!

On Monday, fiery Mars and dreamy Neptune harmonize, creating romantic, emotional energy. On Wednesday, Venus enters Cancer, encouraging you to make stronger commitments in your love life. On Thursday, the Sun and Saturn connect, helping you be patient and determined if you’re trying to play the long game in your love life. Also on Thursday, Venus and Jupiter (the planet of luck) hook up, making this one of the sexiest and most romantic days of the year!

What that means for you:


Your DMs are overflowing this weekend, which can be good or really bad: You might be meeting new cuties, having hella Tinder matches, and maybe going on a first date or two, or you might have to deal with your ex blowing up your spot! Mercury Retrograde is bad, bad, bad about making your ex come back around, but Thursday’s calm, patient vibe is perf for dealing with the drama and squashing the beef for good.


This weekend, you’re thinking about your wants vs. your needs in your love life. They’ve likely changed over the past couple weeks, and this Mercury Retrograde is you reflect. You’re also being pushed to think about your partner’s wants and needs, too—and they might be at odds with your own! You’re infamous for your stubborn streak, but now it’s more important than ever to listen and allow yourself to change so that both you and your boo can have a satisfying, fulfilling relationship. Opening up is tough for you, but luckily Venus entering Cancer this week is giving you the power to connect with your special someone and figure out a way to give your relationship the glow up it deserves!


I have good news and bad news. Here’s the good news: The Mercury/Venus conjunction in your sign is basically turning you into a total babe magnet all weekend! The bad news is that Mercury Retrograde is also in your sign, making it pretty tough to find the right words to say. Flirting is a little more difficult now, you might have a run-in with your ex, and communicating with your partner is tough…but I have the solution! Try to chill out and abandon your quick-paced, head-in-the-clouds, Gemini qualities for just a little bit. Be patient! Listen! Hit “pause,” and you’ll be able to escape the retrograde’s shenanigans.


Finally, you’re finding the closure you’ve been looking for. Ex-related drama has been a huge theme of Gemini season so far, and even though all of the beef isn’t 100% squashed, this weekend represents the end of a cycle. You’re allowing yourself to move on. But with every end comes a new beginning, and Venus entering your sign on Wednesday represents all the doors opening in your love life. Now that you’re free of your baggage from the past, you’re better equipped than ever to give your love life the glow up it deserves. Better yet, Venus in your sign is turning you into a total babe magnet for the next month!


Not only is this week’s astro-weather absolutely riddled with red flags warning you about your ex coming back, but Mercury Retrograde’s nonsense is stirring up all sorts of trouble in your squad. How on earth are you supposed to manage this week? Let me tell you, it’s easier than you might think—but just avoid the bullshit. Focus on your current partner and the relationships that matter most. If your friend or your friend’s friend is talking shit, who cares? If your ex is creeping through your social media and acting shady, just block ‘em! It’s way easier than you think.


Although Mercury Retrograde’s gonna be a hoot and a half for you—especially on the job—Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty, is doing you a ton of favors! Work drama is crushing you, but your love life is low-key thriving, especially this week, when lucky Jupiter activates your chart’s relationships zone. Whether it’s an especially hot hookup, a super romantic date, or simply a nice evening with your boo, you can expect some sort of action this week.


Luckily, you’re avoiding most of this retrograde’s drama! Which is perfect, because starting when Venus enters Cancer on Wednesday, you’re beginning to focus on making your love life as secure and stable as possible. This is not the week for hookups, because catching feels for your fling is a major possibility. However, this is a great week for romance, taking things slow, and enjoying erotic, unforgettable sex with your special someone!


You’re sharing a deep, deep, deep connection with someone this weekend—the kind that makes you feel like you’re entangled with one another. Hookups will result in somebody catching feelings, so be careful about which hotties you take home! As the week progresses, this emotional, passionate, and intimate vibe continues. You’re pretty shy when it comes to romance and other ~lovey~ stuff, but fiery Mars and lucky Jupiter are giving your confidence a major boost, making it easier than ever to open up and connect with your special someone!

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This week’s an intense one, Sagittarius. Since your chart’s relationships zone is absolutely being set on fire by all of this Gemini astro-weather (especially Mercury Retrograde), you can expect a little bit more drama between you and your boo than usual. It’s like they’re just not listening to you, no matter how much you speak up, and the fact that you’re not really getting anywhere with them is frustrating the hell out of you! But…have you tried listening? You’re flexible, adaptable, and more than happy to accommodate for the people you care about, but you’re not really treating your partner that way. Focus on getting your partner’s perspective on, then work together!


Despite your sign’s cold, perhaps even emotionless reputation, you’re starting to warm up and share your feelings more openly. There’s a little bit of Cancerian astro-weather this week from lovey Venus activating your chart’s relationships zone, so whether you’re just trying to get lucky or you’re looking for love, you can expect more action! Dreamy Neptune is also making you feel way more romantic, so if hookups aren’t your thing, you’re still finding tons of luck matching with new cuties on Tinder, flirting with ‘em all, and maybe even having some amazing first dates!


You’re finding that who/what used to turn you on just isn’t really doing it for you anymore, and it’s sort of a bummer! Venus in Cancer is making it difficult for you to attract others—it’s more of a self-care/self-love transit—so trying new things/people in bed isn’t too easy. You gotta masturbate, Aquarius. Watch porn, read erotica, do something new—by yourself! You’ll be amazed at how many new sweet spots and turn-ons you can discover, and even though you’re not enjoying the company of others, you’re still having a great time!


Even though this weekend’s pretty low-key, you can expect your love life to heat up a ton this week! Mars hooking up with Neptune on Monday gives your sex drive a major boost and makes every second spent with your special someone feel more sweet and sensual than ever. Better yet, Venus enters your chart’s romance/sex/fun zone on Wednesday, so for the next month-ish, your bedroom’s busier than ever and your love life’s going through a total glow up!

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