Christine Chiu of ‘Bling Empire’ Swears By This Body Oil—And It’s on Sale

Read on for more of Christine Chiu’s favorites here, with our latest installment of Your Fave’s Faves.

How I dress Baby G

I never had Barbie dolls when I was growing up. I never had dolls in general because my parents were so focused on books and academics. As an adult, that suppressed energy all came out on me, and then when I had Baby G, it all spilled over to him. I think anything miniature is so much fun to look at. Armani makes cute baby and toddler clothes. It’s pretty understated.

My version of self-care

My self-care is taking a long shower in the morning and having my water very hot. I do all of my most important thinking in the morning. In the shower is where you can’t even be tempted to answer a text. You definitely can’t receive a call. Even people at my gate buzzing can’t come in. Then, at night, I’m very blessed to have a Pilates studio in my guesthouse. That’s my treat to myself. I do Pilates as much as possible, and that helps, to kind of meditate during that time and reflect on the day. 

My must-have beauty products

I’m very much involved and engaged in the beauty industry. Of course, I’m married to a plastic surgeon, so he vets everything for me and kind of declutters. It’s easy to be drawn to the beautiful packaging and the really clever marketing. When you’ve worked in the beauty industry and you have a scientific medical professional at your side, you can dive through all of the ingredients and sift through the fluff. You end up with the best and most effective products, and time is money. I love SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF With Ferulic Acid, SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF Gel, and SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum. I also use Skinbetter’s InterFuse Face and Neck Treatment Cream and I use—I call it the Saran wrap—but it’s the U Beauty Resurfacing Compound. For the body, I use Mutha Body Butter and the best body oil ever. I swear by it.

How I approach shopping

It’s kind of interesting for me because I only enjoy shopping when it’s experiential, like shopping on vacation or shopping from Fashion Week after the show. I like to go into the showroom and meet with the designer, the team, and the people. I really like getting in there and understanding the vision and the process and asking questions about the materials. I’m a super fashion nerd and I really want to know more about where something comes from or what ignited this particular look and what does the designer envision. Who is the woman or man that the designer sees in this particular outfit? So whenever I have an opportunity to dive deeper into fashion, I enjoy it. But shopping for the sake of just getting something to wear on your body, I don’t enjoy as much.

My travel style

My husband and I have different travel styles, but the combination of the two of ours makes for the perfect trip. I love to learn and experience and try new things. My vacations are always very academic and active. It’s a lot of museums. The first time we went to Rome, we went to the Vatican Gardens. We set up lunch because I wanted to meet the pope. I wanted to learn everything in the Vatican museum. He likes to park himself on a beach; it’s because he has such a stressful, intense job every day. He likes to mellow out with a nice beer in his hand and watch me and Baby G run around.

My ideal family time

We just came back from Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee, not too long ago, and we went fly-fishing and did archery and clay shooting. Baby G loved Farmer John. We spent mornings with Farmer John, picking out veggies for the day and making our meals with the chef there and milking goats. It was so nice. That is the ultimate luxury—just having the time to enjoy nature and to think about nature too, to listen to the birds and to listen to the water and to listen to each other. Money cannot buy that.

My feel-good song

I’m a sucker for reggaeton. I turn it on blast all the time because it puts me in a really good mood. I am still listening to “Despacito.” It just brings me back to my husband’s 50th birthday. We flew several couples out to Costa Palmas, a community in the Cabo area. We were there before everything was built. They had these little luxury huts for us, and we were blasting “Despacito,” drinking all day, all night. It was the best time, so it brings back that memory.

My best cooking advice

My biggest trick when it comes to culinary arts is that you have to master five dishes. If you just have to whip something up, you’ve got your five go-tos. My five that I’ve mastered along the way are so random, but I’m really good with a bouillabaisse, osso buco, creme brûlée French toast, tiramisu, and I have a really good Italian meatloaf that’s juicy but lean. I just rotate those five things, and then people think I’m so great in the kitchen because I’m so quick and I can whip things up with my eyes closed. I’ve been practicing for 15 years the same five dishes.

Paulina Jayne Isaac is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia. You can follow her on Instagram @paulinajayne15.