Bugzy Malone opens up about near-fatal quadbike accident

Bugzy Malone has shared the harrowing details of his serious quadbike accident last year and his difficult road to recovery.

The rapper, 29, sat down for an interview with Who We Be TALKS_ where he explained how he ended up crashing into a car in Manchester last March.

After chatting to some fans he said a ‘car just pulled out’ and ‘hard stopped’ leaving him no time to hit the brakes.

He said: ‘I knew there was no stopping, I knew I had to crash. I’ve crashed bare times. I’m thinking “No!” And I’m on a bike; it’s not a buggy or a car.

‘I’m coming off, and I’ve tried to go round him, and I hit it. By then, I was knocked out and then woke up, and I’m on the floor, and people are like, “You alright mate?,” and I’m splashed, I’m bleeding.”’

Bugzy added that he is ‘used to the pattern’ of going through ‘traumatic events’.

The musician, real name Aaron Davis, went on: ‘Knocked out, woke up, then you think, “Ah, I’ve crashed.” When you’ve been through traumatic events in your life, you’re used to the pattern. S**t goes down, and it’s chaos, and then it’s about checking what the damage is.’

After noticing that there was ‘blood that was just spreading around my head’ he feared he was ‘bleeding out’. The star tried to stand up but ‘snapped my knee cap in half and fell back down’. Fearing he was dying he spent what he thought were his last moments trying to ‘accept’ it.

‘I believe that if you can see it in your head, exactly the way it’s going to be, then that’s how it’s going to be. Then when you’re in that situation, you’re not sure, because it’s happening. And then I just remember the ambulance getting there, that took about 15 minutes,’ he said.

The artist credited boxing with aiding his recovery, saying he took to it ‘the minute I could walk again’.

‘The doctors were always shocked at how quickly I was recovering, walking again normal, things like that,’ Bugzy said adding that he felt the accident was ‘just part of my journey’.

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