15 ‘Friends’ Reunion Moments We Loved—And Two We’re Still Wondering About

Something else I loved? Seeing Perry’s genuine admiration for his costar. And once Wheeler walked off the stage, LeBlanc whispered, “Aww, love her.” Janice and Chandler may not have been each other’s lobster, but it was a match made in casting heaven.

The absurdly hilarious fashion show

I thought the fashion segment was just going to be random models wearing iconic outfits, so there was something absurdly amazing about seeing Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, and Justin Bieber strut down the runway. The cast couldn’t believe Bieber dressed up in Ross’s Spudnik costume, and I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. But again, the win belongs to LeBlanc, who donned Chandler’s clothes again and hammed it up on the catwalk (lunges and all). The only thing better would have been if Cole or Dylan Sprouse (who played Ross’s son, Ben) had made a surprise appearance as the holiday armadillo. 

The deleted scenes from filming the opening credits

If you weren’t bawling yet, then I imagine this was the moment when the waterworks came. Set to a melancholy score with footage of a mainly unknown cast dancing at night in a freezing fountain, it just reminded you of a much more innocent time. Then you had a serious Matthew Perry reflecting about what the show meant to him, and I might as well have needed a towel to dry my tears.

Terence Patrick

And Two Things We’re Still Wondering About…

Wasting iconic guest stars

Let me preface this by saying that I’m sure there is a lot more footage we didn’t see (in fact, I know there is), but I would have much rather heard Tom Selleck talk about playing Dr. Richard Burke in more detail than Mindy Kaling or David Beckham discuss their favorite episodes. (Nothing against you, Mindy or David!) Same for Elliott Gould and Christina Pickles as Judy and Jack Geller. You could see how excited the cast was to see Selleck, Gould, and Pickles, but to not give them proper airtime was uncalled-for. If HBO Max decides to eventually release bonus footage from the reunion, I hope we get to see more of them. And you too, James Michael Tyler (Gunther).

The absence of Julie, Emily, Joshua, Mike, and more

I’m sure the producers of the reunion special reached out to as many guest stars possible, but if they could get Thomas Lennon (who appeared in one episode), why couldn’t we get Ross’s first girlfriend, Julie (Lauren Tom)? Or his first wife, Carol (Jane Sibbett), and her wife, Susan (Jessica Hecht)? Or what about his second wife, Emily (Helen Baxendale)? Rachel’s ex-boyfriend Joshua (Tate Donovan)? Ross’s son, Ben (Cole and Dylan Sprouse)? Rachel’s mom, Sandra Green (Marlo Thomas)? Ross’s ex-girlfriend Charlie (Aisha Tyler)? Or Phoebe’s husband, Mike (Paul Rudd)? Is it too much to ask for a second reunion?

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