What Is Temporary Car Insurance in California?

The cheapest auto insurance companies in California might not provide the best claims experience or customer service. Depending on individual circumstances, certain insurance providers might be better fits for certain drivers.

In a study, ValuePenguin found that State Farm is the best car insurance company in California. About 73 percent of respondents said they were extremely satisfied with their most recent claims experience with the company. Also, 46 percent rated the insurer’s customer service as “excellent.” Allstate came in second with 72 percent of insurance consumers being happy with its claims process, and 47 percent giving it high customer service ratings. Other top insurers in California include Farmers, Progressive, GEICO, and AAA.

When it comes to car insurance, California follows at-fault accident laws. When an accident occurs, the driver who is at fault has the legal obligation to pay for the damages of the other parties involved. The minimum auto liability coverage required in California is:










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