Last night I had the dogest dream… Part IIII for BINANCE:DOGEUSDT by hanzeholdinworth

Make sure you read the first part to this ‘story’.

Slowly opening your eyes, feeling numb, you load the index. Bitcoin up 30%. Fools think it will be the next Doge. But not everything is upside down. You still love your wife. Your kids. It’s been 3 months and all attempts futile to make contact. Crypto Mariah has blocked you on dogger. In hindsight, telling her you were her husband and the father of her kids in a dm was not the best idea.

You see Jordan has been doing well since the raid. His billboards are everywhere. Very unplugged has been a stellar success with sellout shows night after night. People traveling interstate just to see him, and of course, get their surprise .00001Ɖ gift under the chair. His generosity he’s become renowned for.

You take take a deep breath and remove the band from your wrist and open your eyes.

“Perhaps one more dip in the water before we head to your mars loft sir?” your Model Ɖ neuropathically asks you via neuralink. “Shall I come get you?”

While you’ve been timeline surfing with your new bracelet your car has been lending it’s 690mW fusion reactor to a mineral extraction mine in the Kuiper belt in exchange for dogecoin . You’ll never work again in your life.

“Honey, come in the water” your wife waves at you.

“Dad, look!” shouts your oldest. “There’s a rock that looks like a car!”

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