Called the correction- I think its going lower (H&S Pattern) for COINBASE:BTCUSD by memberis

I kind of called the correction in my previous post and now I like to actually see it come to life. As we can see BTC has formed a Head and Shoulders pattern. + some China FUD again has increased the selling pressure. This could go lower, maybe some minor bull traps on the way down.

Do not get me wrong, I want for the prices to climb, for strong bull run. However, last days I took some profit, and now is a great chance to buy your favorite Altcoins at a lower price. Look at Polygon (Matic) the last time BTC dropped to 31k ish , MATIC was around 0.8 and then did a 3x in 2 full days. Many more such lucrative options out there probably.

For now, I am still waiting, not Buying. I am looking at the 30-32k mark for BTC for me to start buying back my coins. If it goes deeper, I will buy more. I think the next couple of days will present great opportunities, just have to be patient. I am also kind of sitting here and struggling with patience of not buying anything. Personally, I have set buy orders for ADA and MATIC at $1.00, in case Binance, Coinbase or whatever experiences issues with logging in and doing anything. Also, it helps to not buying in too early. If they don’t go that low, I will just rebuy later, but that’s just me. This is very emtion based IMO, just look at YT and Twitter , one day everyone is bearish , doubting the market, the next day everyone is calling a mega pump, extremely bullish . So for now, people are getting more bearish again.

What is your strategy/ thoughts for the next couple of days? Please share in the comments… and have a nice weekend ;))