About Those Rumors That Tyler Cameron’s Ex Camila Kendra Is Dating Lewis Hamilton….

Tyler Cameron and Camila Kendra recently broke up, and fans are now convinced that she’s dating race car driver Lewis Hamilton. Why, you ask? Basically she posted a since-expired photo of herself on Insta that sleuth-y fans figured out were likely taken at Lewis’ home. And in another photo, she was wearing a shirt that Lewis had previously been seen wearing. But Camila’s rep is shutting down the dating rumors, saying they are “100 percent” false.

“Camila and Lewis are absolutely not dating. They are just friends and nothing more,” her rep told Us Weekly.

Meanwhile, a source also spoke to the outlet saying that Camila’s photos were actually taken back when she was still dating Tyler Cameron—and the shirt was his, not Lewis’. On top of that, apparently they were visiting Lewis together. “She was not staying alone with Lewis at his house,” the source said. “There is no interest in Lewis from Camila.”

A source previously told Us Weekly about Camila and Tyler’s split, saying “Camila broke off the relationship. It was time for her to refocus on her own very lucrative career,” while another added “Things were going well until they weren’t. Friends were surprised things ended so quickly.”

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Just a few weeks prior to the breakup, Tyler couldn’t stop gushing about Camila on Watch What Happens Live, saying they are “very in love” and talking about the first time they exchanged L-words. “She said, ‘I love you,’ and then I came later,” Tyler told Andy Cohen. “It was at a moment of pure love, like, it just came out. You know what I mean? It was not the way I expected it, but it was beautiful.”

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