Proof These BMW Enthusiasts Are Car Crazy! | MotorBiscuit

Proof that money can’t buy good taste or that many don’t know good design from bad, we present this 2021 BMW M3 conversion fascia. Yes, you too can join the ranks of design-blind Bimmer enthusiasts that can’t afford the latest M3 and shouldn’t want it anyway. Of course, that would be because of the beaver tooth grille. This is proof that some BMW enthusiasts are car crazy. 

We’re not trying to pick on BMW fans, nor are we here to dictate what you do with your BMW. After all, this is America. Yeah! But, c’mon. Who thinks the beaver-tooth front end looks so good they’re willing to adapt it to their much better BMW? There are conversion kits already out for months to convert new M3 front ends to earlier-looking grilles. Or, we mean to say better-looking grilles. 

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