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Proof that money can’t buy good taste or that many don’t know good design from bad, we present this 2021 BMW M3 conversion fascia. Yes, you too can join the ranks of design-blind Bimmer enthusiasts that can’t afford the latest M3 and shouldn’t want it anyway. Of course, that would be because of the beaver tooth grille. This is proof that some BMW enthusiasts are car crazy. 

We’re not trying to pick on BMW fans, nor are we here to dictate what you do with your BMW. After all, this is America. Yeah! But, c’mon. Who thinks the beaver-tooth front end looks so good they’re willing to adapt it to their much better BMW? There are conversion kits already out for months to convert new M3 front ends to earlier-looking grilles. Or, we mean to say better-looking grilles. 

Taobao BMW M3 fascia for 2000s 5-Series sedans | Taobao

Those 2000s BMWs were its prime. Those are the years that most enthusiasts want because they look and perform great. And especially now, though performance has gone up, the style has tanked. As we told you a couple of weeks ago new M3s are stacking up like cordwood at dealerships. That’s because nobody wants them. Earlier models were always on a waiting list there was such strong demand. Not any more. 

Now a company in China has made a kit to convert your earlier BMW into a beaver tooth model. Taobao thinks that there are enough E60 5-Series owners out there to warrant the time and energy of this unfortunate news. We thought that most of those who bought Ferrari kit cars back in the 1980s were no longer with us? Or were made fun of enough to understand their mistake? 

There are obviously much younger owners that need the latest and greatest even though they can’t afford it. So faking a 2021 M3 is as close as they can get. We applaud you for your determination but question your motivations. 

This 2021 M3 fascia does not improve the look but instead reduces the value

Taobao BMW M3 fascia for 2000s 5-Series sedans | Taobao

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When it comes to the aftermarket the purpose is to make your vehicle perform, look, and feel better to you. Factory spec vehicles can’t appeal to everyone all at once. That’s where the aftermarket comes in. But this does not improve the looks but instead reduces its value.

We have a suggestion for anybody thinking about doing this; make sure you keep your original front end. As it stands now you have devalued your 5-Series by a lot. At least you won’t take too much of a hit if you have the original front end when it comes time to sell your sedan. The prospective owner can factor in how much time and labor it will take to swap out the beaver tooth for the better front end. Hopefully, he or she won’t value their time and labor too heavily. 

And if you smack your fake 2021 BMW M3 beaver tooth fascia and damage it, don’t replace it. Just throw it away and stick the better-looking stock front end back on. This way you’ll save money and actually improve your 5-Series by giving it back the fascia 2021 models should have been fashioned from. We can’t help it if the BMW Design staff is huffing sewer gas. But you don’t have to follow their awful lead.