Original BMW 8 Series Rendered For 2021, But Should It?

When the original BMW 8 Series (E31) debuted in 1990, it was a small revolution not only for the brand, but for the entire industry. If you look at its pop-up headlights, super sleek profile, and an interior that was ahead of its time, you will probably agree it doesn’t look like a car introduced more than 30 years ago.

Of course, BMW has a modern successor to the 8 Series and it plays a similar role in the brand’s lineup. It’s a high-end, luxury, and tech-laden grand tourer with plenty of performance available from different combustion engines. One thing it’s probably missing, though, is the spirit of the original coupe in terms of styling.

Designer TheSketchMonkey was probably thinking the same when he started drawing a modern successor to the original 8 Series. In a new 12-minute video, he reimagines the 840i as the “ultimate Autobahn GT”, as he calls it, with more visible influences from the 1990s model, rather than the sharper design language of today’s 8 Series.

For this rendering, he takes a gorgeous 840i and completely transforms its front end. We definitely see cues from the i8 combined with a pair of small kidney grilles. One thing we are missing is the old-school pop-up headlight arrangement, which in this car is replaced by sleeker LED clusters integrated into the front fascia. New side mirrors, wider side skirts, beefier wheels, more muscular rear fenders, and pop-out door handles round off the visual changes made to this 8 Series.

The result is a somewhat retro-looking grand tourer with influences from modern BMW models. More importantly, it’s surely very different from the 8 Series we have today, which brings us to one question – would you rather buy this vintage-looking GT than the aggressive coupe we have today? Let us know in the comments section below.