🔮 Daily and 4 Hour BULLISH Gartley .

🔮 Pattern (corrective) occurring after a bullish run up (impulsive) which broke above CRTICIAL SUPPORT/RESISTANCE .

🔮 Broken above Resistance and now testing it as Support to confirm uptrend.

🔮 Bullish Gartley Pattern Completion occurring at the CRITICAL SUPPORT which once broke as resistance.

🔮 Daily Hidden Divergence forming along with further confluence on the 4hour with potential Hidden and classic divergence.

🔮 4 hour & 1 hour forming potential double bottom at reversal zone. The alternate to the double bottom here is that it’s turning into a 5 wave wedge , very slightly lower than the double bottom position, yet exactly at our final destination, being the D point of our Bullish Gartley . 3 touches on the falling wedge , high probability of a bullish breakout of the wedge imminent.

🔮 Looking for bullish movement and breaks of bearish structure to confirm bullish momentum and bullish trend resumption. Want bullish movement with a break of the previous lower high on the 4 hour for added confirmation along with a break above the blue downward sloping supply line for even further confirmation.

These bullish movements will turn the oscillators positive as bullish momentum kicks in and takes this market higher.

🔮 Harmonic Pattern Completion – Price now bouncing up with bullish price action. Price has broken back ABOVE the CRITICAL SUPPORT/RESISTANCE .

Entry: At Market (non-leveraged) currently $1.9840

Take profit 1: $18

Take Profit 2: $44

Longer term holds in confluence with the MACRO bullish market of the Crypto Currency boom. Macro Analysis may come in the future when i get more time.

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