Idea for OANDA:EURUSD by Patricia_fx

I don’t really kick against Holding, but due to the Bitcoin predictions, a lot of people has taken it as an advantage to hold and wait for bitcoin to skyrocket, although this is not what we expected the current bitcoin price to be as always predicted, I have always told people around me that bitcoin trading is of two sides. There are people who are waiting for bitcoin to be bearish so they can buy cheap, while others will want bitcoin to skyrocket so they can sell the once they hold. Well, I see all this pointless if you can’t increase your portfolio, instead, I will always advise everyone to find a working strategy/daily signals to grow a very strong portfolio. Nevertheless, I still see this period as a very good time to trade actively in the market, the reason being that it is much more profitable and safer with the right strategy / daily signals in place and backed with the right guidance. However, some optimistic investors are wagering that it could hit a five-digit value in the near future. Those who support the digital-ledger technology, or block-chain, are rewarded with bitcoins every 10 minutes for expending massive amounts of computing power. I’m lucky to have a bitcoin ledger added to my trading portfolio with a senior market analyst Mrs Sally Eaves at Advanced capital, if you’re looking to do the same reach her with this allocated name at telegram === ((SallyEavesFx ))

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