ADA/USD April 11Up to 1.25+ at best, else sideways at 1.20 for BINANCE:ADAUSDT by c3l3x

This update will be brief, as I’m recovering from a hand injury.

Yesterday’s forecast was partially invalidated when BTC when it broke $60k and attempted (but failed) to hit a new ATH . The last time BTC when to $60k, ADA rallied to the 1.34 fib. Yesterday, it could only manage 1.25. This shows that upward pressure is weak, and also be affected by rising BTC dominance. Later in the day prices fell back to 1.20 as forecast.

LSMA and RSI aer generally flat across the intraday tiemframes. Other than the 6H showing the white EMA below 50, the green EMA is rising and above the white EMA in other charts. In the daily this could mean prices going to the upper aqua to upper orange B-bands, between 1.23 and 1.30 with a possible spike above. In lower timeframes (3H to 12H) any rise is likely limited to under 1.25.


We have new 2D, 4D, and 5D charts.
2D – Green EMA , LSMA , anad white EMA all below 50. If this candle closes at these levels, it is probable that prices will drop to the basis at 1.18.
3D – One day left, so it is similar to today’s daily with similar ranges possible. 4D – Sideways but building downward momentum. Likely around the 1.20 level, and possibly a bit lower

5D – The new 5D shows the green EMA reversing and close to closing below the RSI . If this continues and closes with green lower than RSI , downward momentum will be in control. Until then, prices will likely stay in the channel, centering around 1.20.

8D, 9D, the green EMA has fallen further since yesterday, increasing the odds of a correction later next week or the week after.

Note that there may not be an update tomorrow while I rest, but I will try to do one when the new weekly and 2-week start on Monday morning.

Good luck and good fortune!