Warren Buffett To Reveal Latest Stock Buys And Sells In Berkshire Hathaway's Q2 Filing

Warren Buffett will reveal his latest stock moves as Berkshire Hathaway (BRKB) gets set to post a key regulatory filing in the coming days for the second quarter of 2021.


The highly anticipated 13-F will give an in-depth look into assets Berkshire bought and sold during the second quarter.

The company remained a seller of stocks in Q2, according to its earnings report earlier this month.

Its net stock sales of $1.1 billion in Q2 was down from $3.9 billion in Q1, but it marked the third straight quarter of selling.

Still, the value of Berkshire’s overall stock portfolio swelled 8.7% to $293.8 billion by the end of Q2. That was up from $270.4 billion in Q1, as the S&P 500 and Nasdaq hit fresh highs to close out the quarter.

Meanwhile, Berkshire bought $6 billion worth of BRKB stock in Q2. That move cam after it repurchased $6.6 billion in Q1 and a record $27.4 billion in 2020.

Buffet’s stock portfolio remains highly concentrated in a handful of companies. In Q2, 69% of its aggregate value was in Apple (AAPL) ($124.3 billion) and Bank of America (BAC) ($42.6 billion). Also, American Express (AXP) ($25.1 billion), and Coca-Cola (KO) ($21.6 billion).

Warren Buffett Stock Moves

In Q1, Buffett’s Berkshire cut its share of pharmaceutical companies Merck (MRK) by 37%, AbbVie (ABBV) by 10% and Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) 6%.

Berkshire also cut Chevron (CVX) by 51% in Q1, after opening a position in Q4 2020, and sold off most of its share of Wells Fargo (WFC).

But it still made some key purchases including buying insurance brokerage Aon (AON) for the first time.

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