IBD Live QA Summary, Stock Lists For Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021

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Ticker of the day. ABBA Awesome ABBA
UPST up 20% in pre-market already! Answered live
Good Morning IBDL from Memphis! Thanks for joining us!
Senate passed 3.5T bill last night, 50-49 Big impetus for the materials plays!
MarketSmith graphs do not seem to be working this morning We are hearing the charts are back! Thank you everyone for your patience
The best song ever to wake up to! You know, I got to agree!
Is there anybody else out there experiencing problems with Maarketsmith this morning? Should be working now.
Good morning. GM Taher.
Go ABBA.. Good to hear Eugene!
My Marketsmith won’t display charts Try again, it should be working now.
GM! Hey Darren!
Good Morning! Where is the hat today David? 🙂 He likes to mix it up. (The hat taking a rest on the golf clubs behind me!)
Excellent song to get the day started Oh yes
The “A” Team. appreciate all your hard work to help us learn and profit! Thanks Jim, we have A+ attendees! ‘Nuf said.
Are steel stocks too extended? Yes. Wait for the next pullback.
Good morning. Seems like MarketSmith is down! How do you get technical support by logging in to investors.com web site? I don’t see any link or chat buttons. It’s back up.
Good Morning IBD. It’s the Dream Team….Dave Irusha Chris and of course Ali You are too kind! Indeed, the entire team is great. Thank you James!
MarketSmith down this morning??? The charts should be back now — let us know if you’re still having issues!
“Good morning from Louisiana. I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to David Ryan for suggesting the iPad demo last week, and to the team yesterday – Ali, DSC, and Justin along with David for making it work. It was amazing and so much appreciated. I’ve been listening and learning from all of the show participants now for several months, and my only regret is that I haven’t been on since Day 1. It is an incredible teaching and learning experience. It is great to see Irusha today as well – he is great.” Wow, thank you for this feedback David! We appreciate your support
Irusha called Unity Software (U) last week live answered
GM from Houston! Should/How should we be looking at NVDA with Chinese approval of the ARM merger a dark cloud? Hi Richard! Great Q. I’ve seen some analysts write that they do not expect the acquisition to get global approval. Also, UK antitrust regulators It will certainly take a long time for this merger to reach the finish line. So, is the market
beginning to discount this? Cheers, Hatman
Good morning IBD team GM Steven
Good Morning! Hi Yew!
GM IBD Live! Please review MRVI results! Let’s roll! Definitely will check in on that one!
“morning all would you comment on AMAT if it was bought $144.13” Hi there, I’d give it the rest of the week. It seems like the bulls are trying to support the stock near its 50-day MA. Secular growth of chipmaking has not changed. Tuesday was perhaps a sympathy move on negative outlook on DRAM chip prices.
Now, if more news hit all semiconductor stocks, and you see a waterfall-like decline through the 50-day or 10-week line in accelerating volume, that’s your big red flag. Cheers, Hatman Dave
sorry —typos —I was stopped our of IDXX and should I buy back? Hi Maurice, I’d be patient, see if Idexx meets its 10-week moving average. https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/how-to-buy-stocks-why-the-10-week-moving-average-offers-new-entry-points/
Your thoughts on UPST live answered
Good Morning All from Dallas Good morning, John. I’ll be in Dallas for a Trading Summit on Aug. 21. I think Scott St. Clair will be there too. You should come by and say hi!
Good morning,looks like U is in the pivot zone, thoughs anyone? live answered
UPST… live answered
what is the ticker symbol for the IBD 50 – non weighted? 0IBD5 is our price-weighted index. FFTY is the ETF with a weekly rebalance and weighting based on rank.
DOCS… Hopefully Ed did NOT sell his “mental health buy Jul 19th..” Still have some! Mental health improving.
Hello! Is Ed MIA? He is the spice in IBD Live. C’mon, he is our lead guitarist :-)!! Heh. I’m finally on the Q&A.
Did someone (Ken Shreve?) make a webinar on IPOs in the last week or so? I was looking forward to watching it and I could not find it. Yep. Ken and I did a webinar together. Here’s the link: https://www.investors.com/videos/the-ipo-gold-rush/
Interested to get your observations on the Upstart holdings breakout after earnings last night (UPST) live answered
Was the action in SNAP yesterday a sell signal? I don’t like to see reversals as they generally suggest weakness on the short-term. But given the earnings gap and how tightly it’s held the gains, I don’t think it’s doing anything wrong.
Sorry just joining – any thoughts on TGH? Covered at the beginning of show. Chris thought it looked like a solid breakout even giving you a “2-day handle.”
Where can I find education on IPO’s using CANSLIM? Thanks! Ken and I just did a webinar recently. You can find it here: https://www.investors.com/videos/the-ipo-gold-rush/
Could you please look at BSY, down 5% Bouncing back now, still down but above the 50-day line. Maybe BSY forms a handle.
UPST had a fantastic earnings reaction! live answered
CHRIS & JUSTIN — LKQ has a beautiful looking downward slope line . . . if it not on your SWING Watch list, might be worth reviewing. Just below our $100 million threshold but I like the group. I was leaning toward ORLY with its bounce off the 21-day yesterday. Volume seemed to really come in at the end of the day.
Can we check in on CRWD live answered
Inmd breaking down? live answered
CRWD ? Whats going on Part of this rotation we are talking about
Chris- why would TGH be excluded from Leaderboard and Swing Trader? Sorry, didn’t catch it all live. Avg dollar volume on the low side and we avoid stocks that are too thin
$COIN moving with some vol live answered
What is going on with GTIM? Look at the volume. Hi Denise, yes, excellent Q2 report. EPS up 600%! 14 cents per share vs 2 cents, sales up 39%. I did not have time to mention in the news segment, but WEN also reported great results, albeit w/ the help of easy YOY comps.
DOCS is killing it Nice morning indeed; will a better base form?
What is PSO and So on the chart. Thank you! Primary secondary offering. These are shares that increase the float.
GM – we are attending the Dallas event! looking forward to it, coming in from Austin Woo hoo!
Hey Irusha … DOCS has about 8 funds in this new IPO!! live answered
Chris liked and talked about Zoom Video months ago. Do you mean ZI? We did play the initial breakout.
Thanks Irusha making it clear on ZI. I do also own this stock. My conviction with this was stemmed by the institutions’ involved. Good stuff Rayan
Hi, any idea what is bringing crwd down? live answered
DOCS taking share from VEEV??? Hey Marty! Not sure if DOCS is involved in clinical trial management. Future merger candidate, however?
AMD coming up and thru it’s 8ema after 4 days down Hi Randall, interesting that you use the 8ema! And a nice rebound to the 10-day simple moving average.
Any reason why INMD has been pulling back? Hi Amanda, not seeing any news. Looks like a normal decline, based on past action. Maybe heightened delta Covid fears?
Could you talk about how to see over supply ? Thanks Michael, pls check out this Investor’s Corner — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/stock-chart-reading-overhead-supply/
InMode has been showing weakness this week . I’ve got a 25% profit. Should I sell? live answered
AMD up 3%. Chips are doing well during a day of reopening rotation. live answered
INMD has been weak this week live answered
Hatman Dave, your talk of options reminded me why I bought the options trading bundle… Ah, thank you Jeffrey. What types of options trades do you want to try or favor?
DHR has done well this year. Is this stock actionable? Hi Peter, indeed, and a nice move after it cleared a base on base pattern with a buy point near 260. Pls check out the weekly chart. So many up weeks in a row, so if you bought now, you’d be buying way too extended. Let’s see if Danaher makes
a fresh test of the 10-week moving average. Cheers, Dave — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/five-ways-to-spot-the-bullish-base-on-base-stock-pattern/ and https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/searching-for-a-new-buy-point-watch-tests-of-the-10-week-moving-average/
IMND – I think a lot of people are concerned that elective medical procedures will be delayed again because of the Delta varient Exactement (in French)
thanks Dave! My pleasure!
Why the discrepancy in volume IBD on INMD vs whatever source Chris looked at. MarketSmith uses average volume for the day, while Panaray, an institutional platform, uses intraday average volume. Stocks trade a lot near the open and close and Panaray captures that. MarketSmith will switch to this method but not sure
have not seen ken for a while he was on vacation last week! and covering for other markets team members who are out this week!
In all fairness to the IBD team at IBD Daily over the years,I was able to make some lucrative trades on stocks like AMBA, KITE and MRNA , do to the conviction of your analysis from the stock’s inception found in articles and the New America
Conviction makes all the difference.
Not a question but a compliment, I was up until 3 am lat night screening Marketsmith growth 250 stocks because of David Ryan’s excellent iPad tutorial. So powerful! It was amazing how he went through a 100 stocks in less than 10 minutes.
How much is minimum average dollar volume to screen for? For Leaderboard stocks, we like a minimum of $25 million — share price x 50-day average share volume. But in most cases, the average dollar volume is $50 mil, $100 mil or much more. SwingTrader has even stiffer volume requirements. On this
show Chris noted he wants to see share volume of at least 1 million shares.
FIVE extended but great setup and support/trade past 5 days. Looking good. Retail is showing a lot strength.
chris TX opened an industrial complex steel mill in Pesqueria, Mexico in May 2021. That’s good intel.
TGH… yesterday’s ready list.. having a good day! thoughts? We looked at it earlier and said it was actionable. Still looking good.
How about RH? live answered
Any idea of what is going on with the weekly chart on USCR? Vulcan Materials is buying USCR.
Could you look at U again post-ER? How does the intraday action so far look vesus broader tech? Can one say that it is showing relative strength? Absolutely. Holding near highs as the Naz keeps making lower lows today.
When will Marketsmith have candle charts? Probably early next year.
What’s up with ALB haven’t herd that name latly on the show? It’s been doing great. Pulling back a bit today but after a strong run. Extended from any buy point.
Chris said to buy RH last week… That downtrend line looked really good.
on RH is it forming a flag on the monthly? Hmm, good point, Steven; certainly has the “spirit” of the high, tight flag, that’s a good thing. https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/breakout-stocks-tesla-stock-rally-high-tight-flag-base/
Dave at some time would you please talk more about looking at stages on a monthly chart? Hi Linda, you got it! I think I wrote an Investor’s Corner on this very topic, too; just found it — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/square-growth-stocks-monthly-charts/
Look at LOW as you are reviewing HD live answered
Thanks, David and Justin. Absolutely
what about today’s pol?? Here it is! Tada!
to the Team – “IBS” should have been “IBD”; darn fat fingers!! Yes, IBS as the medical term is very different. We already get some confusion with IBD medical conferences.
‘@Ed, agree on ALB. I’ve been holding for almost 2 months. I haven’t seen opportunities for add-on buys, so sadly, still sitting on a half-position. Looking back, do YOU see where there was an add-on opp?? Maybe you could have bought a little on July 21 as it cleared a high handle … though you would have gone sideways for a week before shares really moved out. After that ALB just seems extended from everything.
With interest rates going up again and finance/banking coming back, i’m surprised iwm is not participating. Good point. We’d have to look at the really small banks to see what’s going, no? Unfortunately we usually don’t have time to view the smaller lenders in the Banks-South, West, East and Midwest industry groups.
Thoughts on FAS as a way to play financials? Absolutely; the team has noted this one on the show in the past.
“Bought MC. – Moelis & Co on Aug 18 & 19 When it closed on the 10 day and 21 day-log Has a great daily and weekly chart RS hit 91 Tuesday Any advice?” Hi Carl! I assume you bought July 18-19, not Aug, right? 🙂 Indeed, the 7/20 rebound back above the 50-day MA was very encouraging, and it came on excellent Q2 results. EPS $1.19 vs a net loss, and revenue surged 126% to $361 mil. So, this
trade is working now, and it’s in the right group. Nice. To me this feels like a breakout from a 2nd stage base, with an initial buy point of 58. Hope this helps, Dave — https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/how-to-handle-stock-market-expectations/
AMAT do you think it is forming a handle and ready to break out at earnings, maybe. Maybe. AMAT keeps teasing buy points and then retreating. Earnings wil be key.
DAVID — Congratulations with UPST. Very happy for you! Thanks much! Really appreciate it!
David, assuming you are still holding based on your previously stated conviction, with CRWD testing its 50 day are you adding, waiting until a strong recovery, or other? Hi there; I might have to shave positions in this one as it’s breaking expectations. But I think this is still one of the best companies in the group, and possibly a base-on-base pattern could now be forming.
UPST – Hatman, what a move on this – wow, what do you think? I bought after you mentioned that you own but it went down, then I put a covered call at 140 for 8/20 and today its at 167 Maybe you could see if you could roll that call to a higher strike price and expiring in say, September, Oct, Nov, Dec.? You may be able to get a net credit as the buyer will be paying for time premium, and you’d be collecting that.
CRWD — With each passing day reminds me more and more like YETI . . . patience . . . BASE on BASE. Nice comment!
TED TALK 3 Ha ha ha!
CRWD, is that a possible base on base setup? So far, yes it sure is looking that way.
CRWD is down but DDOG is reversing upward after initial plummet this morning. DDOG certainly holding up quite well; can it preserve much of that gap-up? And TEAM holding up nicely too
Any thoughts on VEEV close to the 50 day? Critical test right now, surely.
CRWD – When a stock starts to breakout, then for 6 weeks it goes sideways in the breakout to 5% buy area. My question is I haven’t seen these work out for me. What do you folks think, I am wrong ? One’s patience in the base-on-base patterns does get tested! https://www.investors.com/how-to-invest/investors-corner/smart-chart-reading-use-the-base-on-base-pattern-as-springboard-for-big-profits/
rh is clearing a base Answered live
Dave, I love IBD live and watch as much as possible. I bought NUE calls last Friday for 9/17 expiration on the basis of the teams discussion. Now up 347%. How would you handle it now? Excellent trade! Nice profit, and if you don’t want to exercise the option to buy shares, then I’d likely sell and take the gain sooner than later.
where does Dave see stocks making new highs, and NYSE vs Nasdaq? I go to IBD Data Tables under “Stock Lists” at Investors.com, then click on “New High List.” You’ll see Nasdaq and NYSE new highs vs. new lows stats. Click on the phrase “New Highs” to see the breakdown by sector. https://www.investors.com/ibd-data-tables/
Love the insightful “TED talks” Irusha. Great group! Thx again!! Cheers!
The emotions start to play when you’re in the position… That’s true
Is there a good ETF for construction? We did mention XHB.
Great show as always!! thank you See you Thursday!