IBD Live Q&A And Two Key Stock Lists For May 3, 2021

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Harold – how far out (In Days) do you typically buy your options? 45-60 days
to the entire IBD Live International Team – a magnificent Monday morning – coming to you Live from Minneapolis! Good morning Scott!
to the Team – VZIO (Vizio) getting back into IPO base buy zone of 26.00 to 27.30; closed Friday at 25.71; premarket showing around 26.70 Definitely want to look at this one. We’ll see how this opens.
Harold – are you looking at ESI as a portfolio position or simply a short term trade? ESI is not on my radar, still a good stock. 4% above pivot, I prefer something closer to pivot
Good morning from Chicago — Happy Monday — Looking forward to another facinating week of price action! That was on heck of a oatmeal raisin cookie! You always have our back. Thanks Peter
Allie: Take a dip into the chips! and no panelist gave her a smile. I did. 🙂 Ha! Good morning, Loraine! 🙂
thoughts on ASO? does that look close to the 3-weeks tight pattern? Not a three weeks tight but like the fact that it’s holding near highs. Good support at 21-day exponential moving average Friday.
Ali/Justin – great interview with Kathy Donnelly – she is great! The trick was not to turn it into a few hours!
Good morning. Hope everyone had a good w/e. Marketsmith is taking an age to load today. Are you aware of any issues with the platform? It wouldn’t load for 30 mins earlier today and although I do have a chart showing now, new stocks aren’t loading. Hi Daphne! I had to clear my cache and restart my browser — that seemed to do the trick for me! But not sure if you already tried that
How do you think about RDFN? Still basing, don’t see a new entry yet. Earnings Wednesday after the close.
Thanks Harold — I thought that you mentioned having a position in ESI a couple of weeks ago. I brought a call on 3/8, close the position on 4/9
Regional banks? LOTS in IBD 250 yesterday They look good. We added DPST to Leaderboard last week.
Could the tight action on QQQ be good for a breakout soon? It’s a perfectly reasonable scenario. Chart looks good.
how much value do you put on the SMR rating? Looking at RS BLUE DOT screen many stocks have D and E SMR . thanks I don’t give it a lot of weight myself. Prefer to look at strong earnings/sales growth, rising fund sponsorship and bullish chart.
Good morning Harold, thoughts and update on OC? Thank you. Took a position on 4/29, RS line is confirming breakout from 3 weeks tight pattern
WSM shows 3 weeks tight but marketsmith does not have blue circle. Is there any reasons why? Blue dot is shown when a stock’s RS line is at highs; not the case with WSM.
It seems like a lot of IPOs have been created the past few years? Does the IBD team have any research that indicates that this increase in market supply eventually marks an eventual general market top? This is actually a psychological market indicator we carry. It’s called “New issues in last year as % of all stocks on NYSE” – The current reading of 13.1% is right at the April high.
Can we look at CRWD live answered
Speaking of Buffet, can you talk about BRKB as a long time leader? Not a LTL. It’s RS line peaked in 2008 and underperformed the S&P since then.
MRVI live answered
MRVI?? live answered
IPO leader MRVI please live answered
Greetings, I took a position at the buy point for YETI. I am still holding my position. Is this a scenario where I would take some profits on the way up or look to add to my position? Thank you live answered
Any comments on NET? daily chart shows handle forming. Earnings due Thursday after the close.
FTNT looks good. On my list live answered
Hi, Can we take a look at CCS? If I bought a half position on the 4/29 breakaway gap, would now be a good place to complete it? Thanks! live answered
Do you have any suggestions if you’re going off grid for 3-4 weeks? I’m helping to deliver a sailboat from South America later this month so no connectivity at all. I’m thinking about keeping all my positions that have big cushions but all the rest; up and down stocks with smaller gains or losses, selling and leave in cash. Thanks! I’ll miss IBD Live but love adventure 🙂 A lot can happen over a month. I would definitely trim your stocks with thin profit cushions. You could consider possibly hedging part of all of your remaining positions.
Hey Dave, shot 78 on Saturday but 3 putted 3 times and my chipping was awful. It could have been much better Nice round Phil, Dave’s on vacation this week.
Justin said that his buying on reversals is low-risk. Where does he set his stop-loss on those to keep them low-risk? Usually the low of the reversal day. A close below that low is typically a very clear sell signal.
CPE ? In a good setup but earnings due late Wednesday
How about that ZIM!!! Very nice!
Could you please have a look at HUBS? Pulling back below buy point, toward 21-day line. Doesn’t look terrible – but earnings are in 2 days.
Discussion begs for article about Jason Thompson’s tactic of using implied volatility to aniticipate possible worst case breakdown to decide whether to hold through earnings. Gavin wrote about this last week: https://www.investors.com/research/options/straddle-option-price-useful-for-earnings-move-estimates/
Is Market School as set of videos or is there a live training component? Confused. There is a home study course available in the store. https://get.investors.com/online-courses/market-school/
Is there $TXG news? Don’t see any. Pulling back but looks normal on the chart. Better a pullback than a breakout just before earnings, IMO.
Talking about housing, what about LGIH? Definitely a leader in the group. Just completed a three-weeks-tight pattern.
How is the ascending base on CCS as described by Ken different from David Ryan’s negative wedging up? negative wedging up happens when a stock rallies in very light volume after several heavy-volume declines. CCS has been under accumulation for a while now. On the daily chart, look at all the heavy-volume gains as the ascending base formed.
thoughts on ETSY? Looks vulnerable doesn’t it. Having trouble at 50-day line. PINS did not respond well to strong earnings report last week.
Ken. how much weight do you give U/D VOL ratio? I use the Acc/Dis Rating more. But when I see a strong A/D Rating and a bullish chart, I’ll check the up/down. In most cases, it will mirror the A/D. They cover slightly different time frames.
UPST is looking good Building a new base and holding support at 10-week line for now. Still needs more work.
how would you handle MOS with earning coming up? depends on your profit cushion.
Hang gang. Can we take a look at RILY. Earnings tonight, short interest 19%? Huge EPS increase last quarter. Nice 4-weeks tight heading into earnings. Strong group right now. Definitely worth watching.
Thoughts on SNAP…looks like its tightening up Holding support at its 50-day moving average for now, but notice how the stock wasn’t able to make much progress after four recent above-average volume price gains.
Ed…comment on the transports like ZIM and SBLK. One major reason this group is moving well is that there is a severe imbalance of containers as it pertains to where they are located. For many months, shipments (imports) were flooding into the US from China and other countries. However, shipments exporting out of the US was nearly flat. No transport corporation is going to ship empty containers to rebalance things. Economics 101, Supply and demand. Transport companies are charging 2X to 4X as compared to 6 months ago. It will end eventually, so keep a close eye on your ZIM position. Interesting info. Thanks.
Ken, how dothe time frames differ? up/down is past 50 trading days; A/D Rating is approximately 3 months.
Justin, where can I find a list of the ETF’s you track? live answered
how does one find the ETF’s for each industry group? [email protected]
I can’t afford MS yet but I have LB and TOS. What the best way to screen for stocks? Maybe many of us don’t have MS? Hi Richard! Check out the stock screener tool on investors.com!
Ed, Is pool a 3 wks tight? Could be by the end of this week — needs to close within 1.5% of prior week’s close.
Ed, hows the new cat? No new cat. Our old cat is doing fine.
Please can you see SBNY move? Trading just above 250.04 buy point; 2nd stage base.
DKNG? Struggling below 50-day moving average w/ A/D Rating of D. Not much to like about the stock technically. Earnings due Friday before the open.
Mark Minervini said he does not add to an existing position until it sets up another buy point. IBD position is to pyramid into a position after maybe a 2% gain then finishing your position after it gets to around 5% gain. Thoughts on these two strategies? It all depends on what works for you. The market makes a big difference for me. When things are working I am typically adding quickly, expecially if I get in at an early buy point. Right now I am waiting for new setups, especially pullbacks.
$HPE please? Shaky technicals IMO….Big volume in the stock 4/21, 4/22, 4/23 but couldn’t make any headway.
UPST please Holding support at 10-week line for now but needs to form right side of base.
RBC: is that an ascending base? live answered
I set my stops and if they get hit then that it. That’s why I don’t set hard stops. Sizing off the 10-week has greatly diminished my churn. You just can’t get too invested without any profit cushions.
Are any stocks forming a cup and handle? IDXX and RIO are two from the Growth 250.
Team, two questions re managing the stop: 1) How do you manage the stop as a stock climbs higher – do you keep it at the original 8% spot forever, or do you raise it up and if so in what manner? 2) And is the stop an auto-stop or do you use price alert and manage manually? Thanks! On Leaderboard and for me personally, our primary stop is a decisive weekly close below the 10-week moving average. It is a trailing stop that can lead 100%-plus gains.
What’s up with Skyworks? Time to get out? Negative reaction to earnings. Don’t know what it was – not a huge beat. Cirrus Logic, another iPhone supplier, outright missed views late Thu.
Why are you spending so much time speculating on stocks with earnings this week? We don’t have enough time for the cushion to initiate positions…the rules to exit are straigthforward…please be more proactive where you can demonstrate an edge… live answered
I’m in Square position. Earnings in 3 days. I’m conflicted whether to hold through earnings. Depends on what kind of cushion you have, size of the position and your conviction in the stock.
I imagine others are struggling to make progress in their account in this market too. If you’re like me, you aren’t 100% invested. When you aren’t making significant progress with your current exposure, but new setups are appearing, how do you handle whether to act on those new setups vs waiting for more progress in your current holdings? You can always buy the new stock but reduce your exposure in stocks showing losses or small gains.
I see your point but I tried some trades sizing off the 10 week and still got stopped. It seems that what ever I try I can’t get them out to hold. Even the FAANG stocks can’t jump out. GOOGL is a good example of where we bought it early on Leaderboard on March 11 and sat with it because it never closed below the 10-week. It finally broke out weeks later. The key is to be buying stocks with leading RS lines.
swks post earnings view Nasty sell-off Friday on earnings, falling well below the buy point. Now it’s extending losses, losing sight of the 50-day line.
Could you look at RIO? Has a handle on a weekly chart, will have a handle on daily after today. Slightly lower price, nice to have a little shakeout.
SNAP undercutting 50 day action any reason for concern or just something to keep an eye on? Definitely something to watch. Not great to see. Growth stocks are not having a great day.
Meant 20 day for SNAP. But getting support at the 50-day.